Lambretta Carburettor

A part that can cause difficult problems to solve is surely the carburettor especially on tuned lambretta scooters.

The links here underneath can be very interesting for people who are looking to improve their knowledge on Lambretta carburettor functionality. Good for several hours reading pleasure.

Dellorto logoDellorto carburetor

www.dellorto.itThe Italian manufacture site, gives a nice product overview in Italian and English.
Tip: have a look at the free manuals (valued @ 16 €) under the ‘Customer Area’ that gives a full colour functional description of the workings of a carburettor.
Eurocarb Ltd. the British importer website, interesting overview with exploded parts diagrams!

Also Lloydy gives a rather complete jetting overview, but the site is gone now (2020).

A nice table with all the dimensions on the PHBH needles to print out:

Jetting your carb by Don K. Courtney

Technical carb info on lcgb site