Lambretta books, now and then on the market

An overview of some interesting Lambretta books and other scooter literature for the Lambretta enthusiast.

Recent Lambretta books

Recent Lambretta books are still available from specialized scootershops or bookshops, others are lucky finds.

 Lambretta Books, Lambretta  Serveta Lambretta (Serveta)
La eterna segundona (1954-1990) 2° Edicion
Moto Retron,  Fansico HerrerosSegunda edición muy ampliada (Junio 2006) de uno de los monográficos de más exito editado por Francisco Herreros y largamente agotado. El libro, muy completo, repasa los orígenes de Lambretta en Italia y narra la historia de la marca en España, analizando cada uno de los modelos, su evolución, los prototipos, el deporte y un ámplio anecdotario, todo ello con fotos de todos los modelos, en color y blanco y negro. La segunda parte del libro –para muchos, la más importante– muestra la mecánica de las dos series de modelos (D/LD y Li), con los manuales de taller completos, acompañados por fotos de las operaciones paso a paso y numerosas radiografías con todos los despieces. La tercera parte – añadida en esta segunda edición – narra la historia y la técnica de los ciclomotores fabricados por Servetta, tanto los Honda (las famosas Hondita), como los propios de Servetta. e incluye los despieces y manuales de instrucciones. La cuarta parte, también nueva, es un álbum de curiosidades sobre la marca. link

Lambretta books, Lambretta Bible: Covers All Lambretta Models Built in Italy - 1947-1971 (Bible)

Lambretta Bible
An in-depth look at the world’s finest scooter from the Model A to the GP 200. The Lambretta story doesn’t end there though, with the focus moving onto machines prepared and built by Lambretta Concessionaires. The book ends with a look at the main British dealer specials of the 1960s.
About the Author:
The Scarborough scooter rallies of the late 1970’s saw Pete
Davies begin his interest in Lambretta scooters. Through the 1980’s continuing until today Pete has owned a variety of Lambrettas made in Italy, Spain and India, from the humble LD 150 to a tuned GP 150. In 1999 Pete undertook the role of Vehicle Registrar for the Lambretta Club of Great Britain and with this role came a desire to discover far more detailed information on Lambretta scooters, wherever they were built. Now running the British Lambretta Archive Pete is still discovering and sharing information on the world’s finest scooter.

  lambretta books, complete spanner's workshop manual

The Complete Spanner’s Workshop Manual for: Lambretta Slimstyle scooters.
This long awaited manual is set to improve life for many thousands of scooter owners around the world. The new book written by Martin ‘Sticky’ Round – the former editor of Scootering Magazine – is the first ever fully pictorial guide to working on the classic Italian scooter. It was produced in collaboration with some of the world’s top Lambretta experts.A4 book with 236 colour pages. It contains over 900 photos, 20 colour wiring diagrams and hundreds of technical tips

Lambretta books, LI Series Scooter (Auto-Graphics)

Lambretta LI series scooters (Paperback)
By Andrea and David Sparrow.
90 superb original colour photographs Brief background history of the company Full story of the LI series. Basic specification and statistics Quotes, and interesting facts and feats Introduced as a more stylish and versatile alternative to the popular and practical Lambretta LD series, the LI was produced by Innocenti in various guises from 1957 until the last Lambretta’s of all rolled off the production line in 1971. The LI series scooters were the most popular Lambrettars of all – the machines that people of a certain age remember affectionately from their youth, coming in a range of bright colours and with shiny chrome. The LI Series was a fast-selling success for Innocenti – not just in its native Italy, but also throughout Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Lambretta books: The Colour Lambretta Family Album

Lambretta Colour Family Album

By Andrea and David Sparrow.
Lots of beautiful colour photographs. Includes Lambretta scooters and sidecars, mopeds, sidecars, 3-wheeled delivery vans,  Jimmy’s – Quadrophenia cult film – scooter.

Lambretta books, Restoration Guide

Lambretta books, Innocenti Lambretta
Lambretta books, Definitive History Restoration guide

Innocenti Lambretta The Definite History

By Vittorio Tessera, one of Italy’s most important scooter collectors.
If you only ever buy just one book on Lambretta then this must be the one. Beautifully illustrated with colour contempory, as well as origional photo`s, for once it is the original black and white shots which really shine. The quality of printing and paper is more than up to the job and the result is a feast for the eyes.
It is the thoroughness and depth of knowledge that informs the text which elevates the book from being merely nice to look at, into an invaluable reference work that repays its rather high price every time you pick it up.
The sections on the development of Innocenti into an industrial giant is informative and lively, but it is when Mr. Tessera gets to grips with the scooters that form the spine of the book and each model is investigated in depth, which when combined with the photo’s means you need never get stuck with a ‘factory fresh’ restoration again.
Only very occasionally does the translation from Italian to English get a bit sticky and the sections on the factory prototypes are just amazing.
In conclusion the only criticism is that it is so complete a work that its hard to see how there is any room for further works of a similar standard.
The second issue comes bundled with the Restoration Guide.

Lambretta books, an illustrated history

Lambretta – an illustrated history

Charts the history of the Italian Lambretta, from its introduction just after World War II by the Innocenti Company in Milan, through to 1972 when they stopped production and sold the tooling to the Lambretta manufacturer in India. Every Italian model is listed including mopeds and three-wheelers.
120 pages, format 212mm x 280mm

Lambretta books, Home Workshop Manual

Lambretta Home Workshop Manual

compiled by Ken Herlingshaw, written by Edward Stott, revised by Arthur Francis.
Covers the servicing and repairs of all Lambretta scooters strating from LI series. Included routine servicing and maintenance, ignition and lighting, carburetion, engine, transmission, controls, wheels, hubs and brakes, suspension and steering, frame and fitting,  wiring plans, carburetor jetting details and main feature tables.
214 pages, format A5, b/w

Lambretta Books, Performance Tuning And Conversions

Lambretta Performance tuning and conversions

written and compiled by Ken Herlingshaw
an exact and authentic reproduction of the unique and highly acclaimed original which was produced in the 1960’s when Lambretta was the number one in total two-wheeler sales in the United Kingdom.
LI series and later.
60 pages, format A5, b/w

Lambretta books, Scooters And Scooterist Lambretta Tuning Manual

Scooter and Scooterist Lambretta Tuning Manual

by Dave Webster
60 pages, format A5

Lambretta books, The Unofficial Lambretta Manual Update

The Unofficial Lambretta Manual

Update by Mark Haines
Covers all LI/TV/SX and GP models.
addition to Home Workshop manual

Lambretta books, The Lambretta Serviceman's Book

The Lambretta Serviceman’s

written and compiled by D.B. Palmer. Models covered: LC, LD125, LD 150, LI 125 and 150 Ser. I, TV 175 Ser. I
154 pages, format A5, b/w

Lambretta books, Nostalgia Mike Karslake


by Mike Karslake.
This book contains many interesting stories about Lambretta scooters by the late Mike Karslake. It includes lots of historical illustrations.

Lambretta books, Het Lambretta Boek

Het Lambretta Boek

by Gerrit Klaas Berghuijs
Lambretta Club Nederland published this book in memory of the 10th anniversary (’82-’92) of the club. It includes lots of facts, images about Innocenti scooters and also the companies that made lambretta scooters under license like NSU and SIL. Full detail on all spec’s and serialnumbers. Printed in the Dutch language.
178 pages, format A4 b/w

Lambretta books, spare parts s1

Li series 1 Spare parts list with the original Innocenti part N°

Lambretta books, spare parts s2

Li series 2 Spare parts list with the original Innocenti part N°

Lambretta books, spare parts series 3

Li series 3 Spare parts list with the original Innocenti part N°
Reprint by Toni Sacchi

Lambretta books, service manual series 2

Service manual for Li Series 2 in French.

Lambretta books, Lui vega

Contains 75S & SL partlist and diagram that are differ from those fitted to 50C & CL

Lambretta books, Lui vega 50

Lui/Vega 50 C/CLSpare parts list with the original Innocenti part N°

Lambretta books, spare parts manual DL GP

DL(GP) 125, 150 and 200 Spare parts list with the original Innocenti part N°
Reprint by Toni Sacchi
89 pages A4

Lambretta books, Book of Lambretta motor-scooter

The book of the Lambretta Moto-scooterBy R.H. Warring
Covering all models up to the LDB
Pitman’s motorcyclists’ library
1957 (4th reprint 1960)
198 pages b/w

Lambretta books, manuel d'entretien

Manuel D’entretien Lambretta 125 cmc.Toutes les modèle jusq’ua D/LD (’51-’52)
Edité par Moto Revue
123 pag. b/w A5

Lambretta books, votre lambretta

Votre Lambretta par Editions Pratiques Automobiles
80 pag. b/w 1953


 Paperlambretta-example Lambretta books, Paper model Lambretta LD Like to cut a Lambretta from a sheet of paper?
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