Gearbox LI Series 4-speed engine

The entire Li range uses the same design gearbox but there are quite a few different gearboxes available. It is quite common to find loose gears and it can be hard to know what gearbox it is from. This section should help you make sure that you either have the right gearbox in your Lambretta or even identify that odd gear you found.
Also you are able to check when you have a valid combination that works OK, especially when you are buying a scooter in parts this can be very help full.

Gearbox overview

The gearbox exist out different section; the cluster, the 4 gears itself and the sliding dog with main shaft. Check the gears page for details. gearbox


specific model information
name that gear

So you have your big box of loose gears and now all you have to do is identify each single gear. This table will start you in the right direction. Use it in conjunction with the individual gear identification to positively id any gears that are not obvious.

teeth possible gears
32 TV/GT 200 4th
33 SX200, TV175 series 2 & 3 4th
34 Li150, Li150 special 4th
35 Li125 series 1,2 and early series 3 4th, SX150, GP150 4th
36 Li125 special, GP125, GP200 4th or TV/GT200 3rd
37 Li150, series 2 Li150 rallymaster (diam. 96.2, 5teeth=34.6)
37 SX200 and TV175 (diam. 95.6-95.9, 5teeth=34.2)
39  Li125 series 1,2 and early series 3, SX150, GP125/150/200 3rd or TV/GT200 2nd
40 SX200, TV175 series 2 and 3 2nd
41 Li150 or Li 150 special 2nd
42 Li125 series 1,2 and early series 3, SX150, GP125/150/200, rallymaster 2nd
47 TV/GT200 1st
49 SX200, TV175 series 2 & 3 1st
50 Li125/Li150 special,Li150, SX150, GP125/150/200 1st
51 Li125 series 1,2 and early series 3, rallymaster 1st
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